Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships is a key component of sexual health and an individual’s overall well-being. At Miami Valley Women’s Center, we go above and beyond to offer resources to help couples and individuals seeking to improve their relationships.

Finding the right person can be difficult. Many people struggle choosing partners that are good for them. Even when you find an appropriate match, it can still be difficult to make smart choices that will benefit the relationship and your own sexual health. If you want to find and form a healthy relationship but are not sure how, we can help. Come visit us! We provide a place where you can openly discuss your past issues and we help you come up with an action plan to positively influence your future.

Our DREAM Program

Dare to realize every action matters. Improve your self-worth and make healthy choices for your future.

  • Do you want to truly value yourself and your sexuality?
  • Do you dream of a happy marriage or relationship but have no idea how to get there?
  • Do you keep dating people who are not good for you, but you don’t know why?
  • Do you feel guilt and shame from past relationship choices?

Through our DREAM program, we can help you learn a new way to own your sexuality, pursue truth, and find wholeness, honesty, and purity in future relationships. No matter how many regrets you have or how much hurt you have endured, don’t give up hope. You can build a happy and healthy relationship. If you want help, reach out to us! Call (937) 298-2822 for more information.

Community Outreach Programs

The Miami Valley Women’s Center provides abstinence education to students throughout the Miami Valley. We reach students with relevant resources that show abstinence is a powerful, positive, and possible choice. Our programs keep students engaged and interested in the content which maximizes the amount they will retain.


Character Development
Pregnancy Prevention
STD Information
Safe Dating


Worth Waiting For (WWF)

Classroom presentations for health classes, after-school programs and youth groups

Giving Insight, Friendship, and Truth (GIFT)

Small group mentoring for eighth-grade girls

Self-respect, Truth, Accountability, Responsibility, and Success (STARS)

After-school mentoring for sixth-grade girls

Teens Excited About Manhood (TEAM)

Small group mentoring for eighth-grade boys

Difficult Roads often
lead to Beautiful Destinations.