Did you just find out your partner is pregnant? An unexpected pregnancy can be frightening. You’re probably worrying about how this will impact your education, your career, and your future. Most of all, you’re probably wondering what to do next. As stressed and overwhelmed as you might be feeling, keep in mind that your partner is probably every bit as stressed as you are, if not more. Do your best to remain calm and provide the support she deserves.

We offer support services for men, too, including parenting programs and help for guys in school. Visit our center and learn valuable information about the pregnancy process and the options available to your partner. We’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to help your partner feel the support and comfort she needs from you right now.

How You Can Support Your Partner

In this uncertain time, your partner values your input. Your role is to provide support. Here are some ways that you can help:

  • Recognize that you play a crucial role in this process.
  • Be patient with your partner as she expresses emotions and thoughts, and be kind as you share yours.
  • Learn more about pregnancy options.
  • Talk to your partner about confirming the pregnancy via pregnancy testing and a limited ultrasound.
  • Encourage your partner to take her time with her decision, and tell her your hopes for the pregnancy.

Support for Men

We’re here to help you. Male staff and volunteers are available to discuss your options and the programs we offer to assist you as you support your partner in the decision-making process. You can learn how to give her the help she needs. To ensure a male client advocate is available to meet with you, please call (937) 298-2822 to schedule an appointment.

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